Sauna Equipment and Accessories

Sauna Heater

Fast Heating: Power: 9/ 12/ 15/ KW; Suitable Sauna Room: 317-459 cu.ft / 9-13 m³; Dimension: 16.1'' x 10.6'' x 22''. Sauna Stones Need: 33 lbs / 15 kg. The ample stone capacity allows the stones to absorb and store heat, ensuring effective heat retention and dispersion.

Built to Last Construction: The sauna heater features an aluminized zinc shell, ensuring high resistance to corrosion and a long lifespan for the heater, even in high humidity environments. The 304 stainless steel heating element ensures quick and even heat distribution, providing a comfortable sauna experience in a short amount of time.

External Controller: Our home sauna heater offers utmost convenience with an external controller mounted outside the sauna, featuring a clear display and user-friendly interface. Adjusting temperature, time, and other settings is a breeze with the intuitive controller. You have the option to select from two modes: Normal mode for consistent heating up to 4 hours, or Preset mode for automatic start and stop functionality.

Gain Great Benefits: Our sauna stove is versatile and ideal for a wide range of sauna environments, including residential saunas, spas, fitness centers, and more. It provides the perfect opportunity to relax with your loved ones, allowing you to alleviate stress, enhance sleep quality, restore energy, rejuvenate your spirit, and improve overall well-being.

Sauna Rocks

The earliest form of the sauna was a room with a pile of rocks, without a chimney where rocks are heated by the fire with lots of wood and for a prolonged time. When the fire goes out all that heat stays contained within the rocks. The similar principle with heated rocks is in modern saunas.

Buying sauna rocks is a process, while their cleaning is very simple. Once a year clean the rocks and change them every two years.

Sauna Bucket & Ladle

Scoop water to throw on your sauna’s heated rocks with the 7Penn Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set; Contains 1 wood pail with a rope handle, removable plastic inlay, and wooden ladle.

Bucket has 10.5in diameter and 6.7in height (26.7 x 17cm) with an approximate 1 gallon (3.8L) capacity; Ladle has roughly 3.4 fl oz (100mL) capacity 

Pine wood material clear of knots and treated to prevent cracking; Sauna supply accessory kit is polished for a smooth, durable surface 

Nearly invisible removable plastic liner insert protects this accessory from water damage; This makes our wooden buckets pails a good choice for using as wishing well buckets 

dded rope handle on our wood pails buckets to easily lift the wooden pail to scoop water over your sauna rocks without spillage 

Sauna Sand Timer

Sauna Clock

Sauna Climate Meter