Pool Accessories

Pool Ladder

Sizes Available in : 

Pool Ladder 2 Step

Pool Ladder 3 Step

Pool Ladder 4 Step

Pool Ladder 5 Step

Material                                        Stainless Steel

Color                                               Silver

High Quality Stainless Steel Material. This swimming pool ladder is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which reduces the possibility of rusting and prevents pollution to the pool. At the same time, the good workmanship of stainless steel can make the product more durable.

Pool Lights

Pool Light 100 W

Above ground pool light: Made of plastic shell, acid and alkali resistant.

Waterproof Bathtub Lights: The lamp is filled with resin, making it 100% waterproof.

Wall mounted: Easy to install, suitable for standard swimming pool accessories.

pool lights for above ground pools: Compatible with both or salty pools.

Suitable for park fountains: swimming pools, waterscape gardens, music fountains, etc.

Light source: 360 pcs LED chip

Voltage: AC 12V

Light color: white

Battery: 23A 12V

Waterproof: IP68

Lifespan: 50000H

Size: approx. 29.6x29.6cm/11.7x11.7inch (L*W)

Pool Light 24 W

Due to the skills and proficiency of experts, we are enormously praised for providing a superior quality of Warm White Swimming Pool Light to our valuable customers. 

Voltage input: AC12V

Light color: Warm White                                      Beam Angle: 120 degrees

LED chips: Epistar                                                     Waterproof: IP68

Material: ABS+PC                                                       Power cord lengh: 1.5m

Size:θ29.5cm*H6cm                                                 Working life: 50000H

Pool Light 24 W RGB

Due to the skills and proficiency of experts, we are enormously praised for providing a superior quality of RGB different colors Swimming Pool Light to our valuable customers. This light comes with remote controller,

you can change the color easily as you like.

Voltage input: AC12V

Light color: RGB                                                         Beam Angle: 120 degrees

LED chips: Epistar                                                     Waterproof: IP68

Material: ABS+PC                                                       Power cord length: 1.5m

Size:θ29.5cm*H6cm                                                 Working life: 50000H

Sealed Beam Light

Sealed beam screw terminal reflector bulb is most commonly used in swimming pools, but also in many other applications including motorcycles and construction sites. With a wide beam angle of 30 degrees and a light output of 6000 Lumen these warm 2700k bulbs have an average rated life of 1000 hours.     

Pool Skimmer

Pool Skimmer

skimmers are made of high resistant white ABS with UV included to prevent deterioration and extend its life.

A silent floating flap and a flow regulator plug are included.

You can connect it with a female 1 ½”, male 2” or a D.50mm connection to glue. An overflow connection D.40 mm.

Basket secured to base with bayonet fixing. We recommend installing one skimmer for every 25 m2 of water surface area.

Available for concrete and liner pools.

Aesthetics is important so there is the option to choose round or square deck.

Pool Drain

Pool Drain

Swimming Pool drains are made of high resistant white Made in white ABS with UV protection Included. Drains have a side connection with 2" female thread.

Pool drains are available for concrete and pre-fabricated pools. Drain grilles are used in concrete pools with a built-in main drain.

Pool Drain Cover

Drain Covers

Diameter: approx. 20.5cm/8.1in 

Anti-vortex drain cover complies with new federal law to prevent swimmers from becoming trapped underwater due to excessive suction created by the pump/drain combination. 

GREAT TOOL - A great replacement for old and broken tools. Helps prevent unwanted dirt from entering drains. 

UNIVERSAL - Compatible with all types of inground pool cleaners and fits most raised suction covers.

 EASY TO USE - Made of high quality ABS for durability. Easy to install and easy to use. Application - Suitable for most types of swimming pools, such as swimming pools, jacuzzi, Spa pools, etc. 

Diameter: 12cm X 12cm

Pool Inlet & Vacuum Point


The pump pushes filtered and treated water back into the pool through a number of inlets.


Vacuum Point is installed where an automatic pool cleaner or vacuum hose is to be fitted. 

Deck Box

Deck Box

Swimming Pool Deck Box - This deck box allows the pool side connection of the 12v cables from the transformer to join onto the guts pack cables.

Typically your armoured cable will be connected into one of the side sockets & the plastic conduit which runs down to the light, call the hockey stick will connect into the bottom of the deck box.

Pool Grating

Gratings are manufactured in PP including UV protection. This material has a high mechanical resistance and it is not altered by chemical and atmospheric agents.

The design provides an anti-slip surface and a multipurpose function as the same grating can be use for both curved and straight overflow.

Multiport Valve 5- way

5- way Valve 1.5" inch

5- way Valve 2"

Specialized exclusively in multiport-valve during more than 20 years and with origin from Europe AQUANT’s range of multiport valves is designed with the user in mind who has to operate. With an innovative design, ease of handling and maximum reliability, these multiport valves, together with filters, are a basic element in achieving the perfect condition of your  Swimming pool.